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Whale Alerts

Get alerted of large buys/sells and track the history of whale activities for 1000+ Future & Spot markets by Whale Trade Alerts, Whale Sentiment Analysis, and Whale Volume History features.

1. Dashboard

Whale Dashboard shows the whale information from Binance Spot and Binance USD-M.
On Whale Dashboard, the pro user is able to view:
● Whale's Market sentiment in the last 24h (Bearish/Neutral/Bullish)
● Long/Short or Buy/Sell ratio in the last 24h
● Whale's Sentiment per each top coin with Long/Short (or Buy/Sell for Spot) volume
● Top Trending Coins with the number of trades per each side
Whale Dashboard is available for users in Pro plan only.

2. Recent Trades

Visitor and free users are only able to view 5 recent trades, while pro users are able to view full list.
When the user navigates the Whales section and selects Recent Trades, the list of recent trades will be displayed on the right screen, sorted by reverse chronological, with the following information:
● Centralised Exchange that the trade was placed (Binance Spot/Binance USD-M)
● Market
● Action
● Size
● Price
● Amount
● Time
The user is able to filter by:
● Exchange
● Coin
● Amount
● Action