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Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. So, please trade with caution. You are solely responsible for your trading decisions and we are not liable for any losses you may incur.
Signals Disclaimer:
No claims as to past, present or future profitability of our signals, and there is no guarantee that our system and techniques will provide any profits to traders using the system and techniques, and indeed may cause such traders to incur losses. Any trades placed upon reliance on signals are taken at your own risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. While there is great potential for reward when trading crypto derivatives, there is also a substantial risk of loss. You must decide your own suitability to trade. Future trading results can never be guaranteed. The signals generated by the system are based on historical formulas which have worked in the past. However, what has happened before may or may not happen again. You can lose all your money trading crypto and you must decide your own suitability as to whether or not to trade. Only trade with true risk capital you can afford to lose. Only trade markets you can properly afford to trade. Properly funded trading accounts typically perform better than those that are not.